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The “Hedgecock” name is easily recognized in the building supply industry because of the long history in the business. The name is a staple for customers who want a valued experience and insight surpassed by no other.

In 1928, During the Great Depression, Delos Hedgecock started Hedgecock Roofing Company in High Point N.C. but within a few years the location burned to the ground. Delos re-opened just down the street and began buying timber and offering rough-sawn lumber. In the years to come the operation grew and a lumber planer was purchased and with it “dressed lumber” was introduced.

Delos Hedgecock (with a nice reflection of Donnie)

Delos Hedgecock

In 1956 J.S. Hedgecock, Delos’s brother opened Hedgecock Building Supply on Guilford College Rd. in Greensboro, N.C. In the next few years he went on to open Hedgecock of Asheboro and Hedgecock of Lexington.

In 1968 Jasper Hedgecock bought the former Stokes Lumber Company from Mr. William Marshall.  He took over the company and remains the owner to this current day. Jasper ran our location growing and supporting customers that we still see to this day. Building the foundation on which we still stand. Jasper retired from day to day actives in 1989. Donnie Hedgecock one of Jasper’s sons loved being at the store as a child and joined our team as a salesman in 1984. Donnie is still with us providing a guiding hand on all projects that arise. He is a wealth of knowledge and is a friend to all that have ever had the pleasure of meeting him.

Tom Adams who was Jasper’s brother-in law had worked at the Greensboro location. He had just graduated from college when he took over for Jasper as General Manager until he left in 2005 to pursue other interests. Tom was instrumental in his personal touch with customer service and standing firm on our belief that without our customers we would not be here.



Jasper Hedgecock

Jasper Hedgecock

From 2005-2015 Randy Hedgecock, who is Jasper’s son took over for Tom as our General Manager. Randy who had a long background in the building industry was a welcomed addition. Randy helped us to get “up-to date” and brought us through some tough times in the home building industry. 2008-2009 proved to be the worst years since the great depression leaving a lot of businesses with closed doors. We have prevailed much to the leadership and hard work of Randy.

In 2015 David Bray took over as General Manager. David has been at our location since 1996 and has seen the good times and the bad. We are excited about the direction David is taking our business and look forward to many more years providing customers with quality products and friendships that will never fade.

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