Delivery and Restocking Terms

Retail Customers: Contractors:
$500 and over = Free Delivery $250 and over = Free Delivery
$250 – $499 = $40 Delivery Charge $0 – $249 = $20 Delivery Charge
$0 – $249 = $60 Delivery Charge

8 cubes of brick or less will be charged a $60.00 delivery charge delivered by HBS.
6 cubes or less of block will be charged a $60 delivery fee by HBS.
If Pine Hall delivers 8 cubes of brick or less it will be a $75.00 delivery charge.

Delivery charge will apply to builders and non-builders unless we are finishing a job that took
more than 8 cubes of brick to complete the order.

HBS will not pick up less than full cubes of brick or pavers and will not accept less than full
cubes returned to our yard.

Restocking Brick and Pavers: All full cubes of brick and pavers are subject to a $30.00 per
cube restocking charge. Pine Hall charges $40.00 per cube restocking chage.

Restocking Block: Block will not be picked up or accepted on the yard uncubed, damaged,
or dirty. Block will be subject to a $30.00 per cube or pallet restocking charge.

Pick-up Policy: All credits must have a pick-up order.